Real Estate investing made easy.
For everyone.
Anyone over the age of 18 can now
invest in real estate for as low as $1000
directly from their smart phone.




  • Growth Pool invests 10% in every property
  • Properties approved by industry experts
  • No landlord headaches
  • No credit checks or mortgages
  • Affordable property ownership
  • Build a diverse real estate portfolio


  • Growth Pool uses advanced security
    measures to protect your information
  • Secure payment gateway (PayPal)


Growth Pool is not intending to solicit any prospective buyers under agency or brokerage contract and is not responsible for any commissions owed to the Brokerage.


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Any information collected and used against Growth Pool is invalid and cannot be used legally to pursue Growth Pool, Inc. in any manner due to it being a blatant malicious act with intent to hurt, damage, and affect the company directly. All users have the right to terminate their membership at any given time. No cancellation fee will ever be charged to users / members. If a member passes away and has any investment(s) on the platform, these investments can be transfered to anyone of legal age and be added to the account under next of kin. All investments are at the risk of the investor, and are effected by market conditions. Growth Pool takes no responsibility for adverse market changes. Investors / Members invest at their own risk. Growth Pool invests directly with its members in every property offered on the platform, mobile app, website. All investments are made at your own risk. Past performance is not representative of future performance. Any projections and/or financial numbers dictated on the site are strictly speculative. All illustrative examples / references are shown only as examples . We recommend that anyone looking to invest with Growth Pool do their own private respective due-dilligence prior to investing in ANY property. Many variables come into play with Real Estate Investing as the market is constantly changing/fluctuating. Growth Pool takes no responsibility for market conditions and/or loss of investment. Please keep in mind it is possible to lose some if not ALL of your investment. ANY market can be volatile and unpredictable. Never invest money you aren't willing to lose, we advise against investing if you are not using disposable income and bare the risk of losing the money invested with Growth Pool, Inc.
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